Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hello readers you must be using Wikipedia for searching something and to get information about many things
Now you no longer need to go always to your pc for Wikipedia you can access it from your android device & the app have more features that will be discussed later in this article

You need to download this app from Google play store

When you open it. The first screen you will see is its homepage. You can see many things on that page

At the top there will be search option. You can search in text or voice anything you want & in many languages as it support 300 languages

On the main screen you will see trending news for today as you go down, you will see se the older articles. You can tap any article to read it. You can share or save it in reading list to view or read anytime even in offline mode

When you click right top corner, you will see some options there also. You can change font size & theme. You can click highlighted words to know its meaning.

You can press and hold any word to copy, share or for knowing its meaning. 

You can slide left or tap the left top corner option to go on homepage, history, reading list, to know about nearby, random search and setting to manage the app
This option is also available on homepage

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