Friday, 15 September 2017

Keep updated with pro-kabaddi scores by Updating the app hike
Hello readers last year I told you about an app HIKE now it have
some more awesome additional features, Lets have a look

Pro-kabaddi –  Now-a-days kabaddi matches are going on & its fans are very keen to know about its scores, schedule, etc…
So, you can go through all the things you want with hike

Hike Run -- This feature will inspire you to stay fit if you turn it on, it will calculate steps and show the distance which you have cover through walking and how much calories you have burn it will also show your position if you compare it with your friends

App theme -- you will find the app more interesting as it gives you many themes options which you can change from time to time and you don't have to bear the same pattern all the time

Bae/Buddy/Bro -- you can categorize your friends as your Bae/Buddy/Bro and make them realize their value in your life and you can also get to know your value in their life

Blue packets -- There are messages showed as stickers you can send to someone with some particular amount of money

Wallet – It gives you facility to keep money in wallet, recharge, transfer

you can see the other features of this app which have already told by me here

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

AN APP FOR ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization)

Hello Readers
If You Are Always Keen To Know About The Indian Space Research Organization Then This App Is For You

The App Name Is Indian Space Programmes You Can Download It From Google Play Store Or Apk File From Chome After Installing It When You Open It Will Show You Options From Which You Can Get Different Information These Are Following --
1 About ISRO - After Taping It Will Show You Introduction, Goals, History Of ISRO

2 Latest News - You Will Get The Recent Information From Here About ISRO
3 New Launch - It Will Show The List Of Projects Which Are Going To Be Launch In Future
4 Chandrayaan (Moon Mission) - It Will Give You Information About Chandrayaan-2 Mission Which Is Going Soon To Be Launch
5 Satellite Launched It Gives You Detail Information On The Satellite Launched By ISRO In Past
6 New Technologies It Will Tell You About New Technologies On Which ISRO Is Currently Working
7 Applications Here ISRO Define Some Important Activities And Applications Related To ISRO
8 Image Gallery - Show Images Taken By ISRO For Different Things

9 Video Gallery Show Some Videos Of ISRO And Some Are Restricted For Safety Concern And It Will Open On Youtube or Chrome
10 GSLV And PSLV It Shows Information Related To GSLV And PSLV Satellites Launched In Past By ISRO

11 Work With ISRO - It Shows The Eligibility Of The Persons Who All Can Work With It

12 Launch Vehicle - It Tells You About Launched Vehicle By ISRO In Past

13 GSLV MK III Image Gallery - All Photos Related To This Satellites Are Available Here

14 MangalYan (Mars Mission) - Every Information About This Mission Is Available Here
15 Trending Lines On MOM - Trending News About Mars Mission Can Be Read Here
16 Future Missions - List Of Future Missions And Their detail Is Available Here
 17 Past Missions - List Of Past Missions And Their Details Is Available Here
18 Future Launch Vehicle - List Of Vehicle Which Are Going To Be Launched In Future By ISRO Given Here
19 ISRO Centres - In This You Will Be Able To Know About Different Centres Of ISRO Situated In Different Places Of India
20 ISRO Chairman – Information About ISRO Chairman From The Date It Get Started To The Current Time
21 Job Opportunity - You Can Get The Information To Make Career With ISRO From Here
22 Old Question Paper - Old Question Paper Of Different Subjects And Different Years Are Available Here
23 Awards - ISRO Got Many Awards In You Can See Them Awards Detail Here

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Thursday, 13 April 2017


IPL season is going on and here is a good news for its fans who are always keen about IPL matches, news cricketers and other updates it launches its official app this time to keep its fans updated with every news the app name is IPL 

The app name is IPL you can download it from Chrome or Google Play Store after downloading when you open it at the home screen you see the current running match and its status 

when you click on the screen of the match it will show you stream, scorecard, videos, teams with its members and hawk-eye for that match 

below the some more features are given that are -- 

1.           News --  When you tap on this option it will show you latest news,  announcement, match report, speeches and interviews and other news related to  it and its cricketers.

2.            Fixtures --  It will show you in the list of coming matches with the schedule       and you can add that event to your calendar so that you will be remembered       the timings.

3.            Results --  It will show you the list and details of past matches result.

4.        Standings -- You be able to see the current position of all the teams according to the games they won and if you press on team’s name at will show you the list of its past and future matches.

5.        Stats -- It will show you the achievement of cricketers for this season and from past.

6.        Teams -- When you click on this option you will see the list of teams.

7.         Playing 11 vote -- By typing here you can vote for your favourite cricketers whom you want to see playing in next match

8.           Venues -- You can see the venues for the Matches.
9.           Videos -- You can see videos here related to IPL.

10.       Social -- Adjust excess of IPL on social networking sites.

11.       IPL selfie gallery --  You can see the selfies taken by cricketers here.

12.       Archieve -- you can see the details of past final matches here.

 on clicking left top corner option you will be able to see the auction in IPL.

 There are some more options given besides home and these are—
·       Star is given for the important updates
·       Videos are shown in the next option
·       In the last one you can answer poll asked by the app

These all details which are given for IPL same are also given for BCCI which is coming soon and you can get it by changing the option given on top from IPL to BCCI and you will updated by it also

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hello friends CBSE launches an app for 10th and 12th students to facilitate for exam centre


First you need to download the app from Google Play Store named CBSE ECL then when you open the app it will ask you to register you mobile number and email ID, phone number is compulsory and ID is optional 

Then you will get an OTP at your registered number if the phone in which app is downloaded And registered number are inserted is same then it will detect OTP and gets you to the next step otherwise you have to mention the OTP 

and go to the next step and then it will ask your class and roll number 

when you write it and click search it will show you your centre name, Code, address,  pictures 

it will also show location and you can reach there by navigation it may not show you the exact location but it will definitely show you nearby to it you have to close the app directly otherwise it will get you out from the app and you have to type the roll no. again for location it is for safety concern

you can share the app or logout from it by tapping the option given at the left top croner but remember if you logout from it then you have to do the whole process again which you have done initially to start the app

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