Tuesday, 28 June 2016

                                          AN AWESOME APP HIKE

Hello, friends this app is basically a chat app but apart from its awesome chat experience it have other fantastic features also like games, motivational quotes etc…..

                                                   HOW IT WORKS

First you need download the app from Google play store then when you start this app it will ask you to register your number and after verification it will go further, it will show your contacts on hike and also notifies you when someone from your contact list joins hike, you can add someone from your contacts to favorites then you & they will get notification when one of you post anything on hike and also able to see each other’s last seen but any other except favorites will not be able to see it, you can hide your private chat by tapping the option ‘hi’ it will ask you to make a password & that will be used for every time whenever you open or hide your private chat, you can also make your conversation more interesting by sending different stickers (when you type any word and if that is available as sticker it will get blue instead of black also it will show some suggestion for stickers), if any of your friend is offline you may send it messages via hike to inbox, you may call through hike to hike, you can select theme for different folders, on the page of new chat it will show your favorites contacts, hike contacts and other contacts.

At the top of the page it will show the other features hike –

1.    WELCOME- on tapping it you can view all other feature given by hike to you.

2.    GAMES- on tapping it you can view different games & you can click on game which you want to play & can enjoy but first you need to download them. e.g- Sudoku, solitaire

3.    JUST FOR LAUGH- on hitting it you can view funny image sent by hike (hike will ask to subscribe for it you have to say yes if you want these images)

4.    CRICKET- on hitting it you can view latest cricket match going on & scores of recent matches

5.    NEWS- on clicking it you can view latest news from time to time in English or Hindi whatever you prefer

6.    COUPONS- on clicking it you can view different kind  of coupons it is available by category wise or popularity wise

7.    HIKE DIRECT- on pressing you can chat & share files without using internet but within 100meters

8.    NATASHA-  it is your own personal assistant of hike which gives you many other feature just tap it to know them

9.    HIKE DAILY- through this you get motivational quotes by different authors among the world on daily basis

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Sunday, 26 June 2016


Hello, friends this is an awesome app for your android. It will secure your phone form virus, it will make your phone and phone’s battery more efficient, it will take care of your phone’s content privacy also.

                                                                    HOW IT WORKS

First you need to download the app from Google play store. You will open app then it will show you the option to scan your phone and it will scan all the threats & privacy issues then it will show them separately.

At the bottom of the first screen it will show you 2 options – app lock and caller id & blocking
App lock have two features-
app lock and vault
APP LOCK- If you hit this option then it will ask you to choose a password pattern and accept it after confirming it then it will show you some apps which needs privacy acc. to it but you can select or deselect the app acc. to you.

It will show you some options which help you to maintain your privacy- 
  •  It will take the picture of the person who will try to unlock your data without your permission.
  •   It can restrict incoming calls, visiting recent tasks and application in your phone.

It have feature that you can do private browsing, keep bookmarks and save secret photos in the vault, .

This options can block the unwanted calls, it gives you much option through which you can run the app acc. to you.

Form settings you can opt for schedule scan, clean privacy, make your charging boost up so, that it will get your phone charge faster than the earlier & last long (from the option given charging screensaver).

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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Hello, friends here is one more app which may be very useful for you.
When you download some app in your phone and you keep using it then it will start creating junk in your phone automatically that effect your phone’s working. But I am here with the solution and that is an app named CLEAN MASTER it will solve all your problems that are affecting your phone’s efficiency like it will cool your phone’s cpu, delete all the junk & speed up your phone.

                                                   HOW IT WORKS

First you need to download this app from google play store and then when you open the app you will see some options are there in the app which are showing some basic function of the app and how good these are working if they are running low then you can boost them.

If you click junk files option it will show how much junk get created in phone then you can remove it by hitting the option clean junk

 If you click the option phone boost then it will solve the internal problem of the phone and it will show to check the cpu if you check it will show how hot is the cpu now and you can get it cool also it will show the current running apps

And then you need to click the option boost & your phone will get boosted.

 It will search for virus if its found virus will get cleaned by pressing the option clean

 There is an option app manager by hitting that it will show you the apps in your phone and you uninstall the app which is no longer useful for you

It will save the battery by hibernating the apps

Other options are also available which may be helpful to clean the unwanted files, you can also backup the apps if you want.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hii friends today I will tell you about an app which can be useful for the persons who have important data on their phones.
From the app named SUPERBACKUP you can backup your phone’s applications, messages, contacts, call logs, bookmarks and calendar.

                                              HOW IT WORKS

First you need to download the app from Google play store then after opening it on the first screen all options will be available and need to click the option for which you want backup.

For e.g. if you open the apps option the screen will be like this

You can select the apps which you want for backup then click backup but if you want backup for contacts or you want to choose any other option the screen will open like this

 And you need to click the option what action you want to take as you want backup then backup or you want to restore or any other option and it will be done.
You can keep your backup data in phone’s memory card or you can send it cloud so it can be there forever it depends on your need it you want temporary backup i.e, for sometime just to format the phone then backup in memory card is enough or you want backup on permanent basis then you need to send it to the clouds (clouds are shown in he screen below) and restore whenever you want.

One more feature is here if you take back up in memory card then whenever you download a new app it will take its backup automatically but you have to select the option named app auto backup which is available in settings there some more option present in settings i.e, notify auto backup (if the app take auto backup  it will be shown in notification), remind upload backup(if you take auto backup it will show you a dialog box), remind backup( it will remind you that you haven’t take backup for more than half a month), dark theme (it will change the screen form white to black you can opt what you want). 

Sunday, 19 June 2016


This is the application which provides you coupons or codes, which you can apply to online transaction and you will be able to get some extra discount or cashback on your transaction amount.
For e.g. – you want to make an online recharge and amount for the transaction is rs. 300 but if you apply coupon on the transaction then it may become rs. 250 or less that depends on coupon that how much discount it is offering.
                                                HOW IT WORKS

First you need to download the app from Google play store then u will open it, you can do it right from the play store or the application menu in your phone then it will ask you for sign in or can skip that step and do it later if you want but sign in is useful when you earn some talktime or any rewards which needs your account at coupondunia after that you will see the page where all coupons are available please read the terms and conditions because if you don’t follow you may not get benefit, these are not so hard and fast you can follow them easily. Coupons are available categories and top stores You will get rs.100 in your wallet if you sign in and if you refer this app to you your friend you will get rs.100 if that person download the app and you can redeem it when it reach upto rs. 250.
So what are you waiting for just download it and earn from it.

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