Thursday, 23 June 2016


Hello, friends here is one more app which may be very useful for you.
When you download some app in your phone and you keep using it then it will start creating junk in your phone automatically that effect your phone’s working. But I am here with the solution and that is an app named CLEAN MASTER it will solve all your problems that are affecting your phone’s efficiency like it will cool your phone’s cpu, delete all the junk & speed up your phone.

                                                   HOW IT WORKS

First you need to download this app from google play store and then when you open the app you will see some options are there in the app which are showing some basic function of the app and how good these are working if they are running low then you can boost them.

If you click junk files option it will show how much junk get created in phone then you can remove it by hitting the option clean junk

 If you click the option phone boost then it will solve the internal problem of the phone and it will show to check the cpu if you check it will show how hot is the cpu now and you can get it cool also it will show the current running apps

And then you need to click the option boost & your phone will get boosted.

 It will search for virus if its found virus will get cleaned by pressing the option clean

 There is an option app manager by hitting that it will show you the apps in your phone and you uninstall the app which is no longer useful for you

It will save the battery by hibernating the apps

Other options are also available which may be helpful to clean the unwanted files, you can also backup the apps if you want.

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