Tuesday, 28 June 2016

                                          AN AWESOME APP HIKE

Hello, friends this app is basically a chat app but apart from its awesome chat experience it have other fantastic features also like games, motivational quotes etc…..

                                                   HOW IT WORKS

First you need download the app from Google play store then when you start this app it will ask you to register your number and after verification it will go further, it will show your contacts on hike and also notifies you when someone from your contact list joins hike, you can add someone from your contacts to favorites then you & they will get notification when one of you post anything on hike and also able to see each other’s last seen but any other except favorites will not be able to see it, you can hide your private chat by tapping the option ‘hi’ it will ask you to make a password & that will be used for every time whenever you open or hide your private chat, you can also make your conversation more interesting by sending different stickers (when you type any word and if that is available as sticker it will get blue instead of black also it will show some suggestion for stickers), if any of your friend is offline you may send it messages via hike to inbox, you may call through hike to hike, you can select theme for different folders, on the page of new chat it will show your favorites contacts, hike contacts and other contacts.

At the top of the page it will show the other features hike –

1.    WELCOME- on tapping it you can view all other feature given by hike to you.

2.    GAMES- on tapping it you can view different games & you can click on game which you want to play & can enjoy but first you need to download them. e.g- Sudoku, solitaire

3.    JUST FOR LAUGH- on hitting it you can view funny image sent by hike (hike will ask to subscribe for it you have to say yes if you want these images)

4.    CRICKET- on hitting it you can view latest cricket match going on & scores of recent matches

5.    NEWS- on clicking it you can view latest news from time to time in English or Hindi whatever you prefer

6.    COUPONS- on clicking it you can view different kind  of coupons it is available by category wise or popularity wise

7.    HIKE DIRECT- on pressing you can chat & share files without using internet but within 100meters

8.    NATASHA-  it is your own personal assistant of hike which gives you many other feature just tap it to know them

9.    HIKE DAILY- through this you get motivational quotes by different authors among the world on daily basis

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