Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hii friends today I will tell you about an app which can be useful for the persons who have important data on their phones.
From the app named SUPERBACKUP you can backup your phone’s applications, messages, contacts, call logs, bookmarks and calendar.

                                              HOW IT WORKS

First you need to download the app from Google play store then after opening it on the first screen all options will be available and need to click the option for which you want backup.

For e.g. if you open the apps option the screen will be like this

You can select the apps which you want for backup then click backup but if you want backup for contacts or you want to choose any other option the screen will open like this

 And you need to click the option what action you want to take as you want backup then backup or you want to restore or any other option and it will be done.
You can keep your backup data in phone’s memory card or you can send it cloud so it can be there forever it depends on your need it you want temporary backup i.e, for sometime just to format the phone then backup in memory card is enough or you want backup on permanent basis then you need to send it to the clouds (clouds are shown in he screen below) and restore whenever you want.

One more feature is here if you take back up in memory card then whenever you download a new app it will take its backup automatically but you have to select the option named app auto backup which is available in settings there some more option present in settings i.e, notify auto backup (if the app take auto backup  it will be shown in notification), remind upload backup(if you take auto backup it will show you a dialog box), remind backup( it will remind you that you haven’t take backup for more than half a month), dark theme (it will change the screen form white to black you can opt what you want).