Sunday, 26 June 2016


Hello, friends this is an awesome app for your android. It will secure your phone form virus, it will make your phone and phone’s battery more efficient, it will take care of your phone’s content privacy also.

                                                                    HOW IT WORKS

First you need to download the app from Google play store. You will open app then it will show you the option to scan your phone and it will scan all the threats & privacy issues then it will show them separately.

At the bottom of the first screen it will show you 2 options – app lock and caller id & blocking
App lock have two features-
app lock and vault
APP LOCK- If you hit this option then it will ask you to choose a password pattern and accept it after confirming it then it will show you some apps which needs privacy acc. to it but you can select or deselect the app acc. to you.

It will show you some options which help you to maintain your privacy- 
  •  It will take the picture of the person who will try to unlock your data without your permission.
  •   It can restrict incoming calls, visiting recent tasks and application in your phone.

It have feature that you can do private browsing, keep bookmarks and save secret photos in the vault, .

This options can block the unwanted calls, it gives you much option through which you can run the app acc. to you.

Form settings you can opt for schedule scan, clean privacy, make your charging boost up so, that it will get your phone charge faster than the earlier & last long (from the option given charging screensaver).

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