Monday, 4 July 2016


It is the app through which you can separate your personal and professional accounts on WhatsApp, Facebook etc..

                                      HOW  IT  WORKS

Initially, you need to download the app from Google play store
Then on front you will see the space where you can keep your private account’s applications

There are 2 options given on the end of the front page –
First - through it you can bring any app & after clicking it you can register again as previous one and make personal accounts that will unrelated form your existing account if you want but you can’t register with the same phone number on both accounts

Second - this option is given for incognito installation that means you can install on app but it wouldn’t be shown on your phone's homepage rather it can be access by this app only. 

The space for private apps is not just these 9 columns which you can see on display but you can explore according to your need by adding more apps to it

You can set a password which will be distinct from the other locks you are using to lock your current apps because it have a password on its own to lock the app.

You can manage the app from the option given at the right corner on the top

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