Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hi, friends here is an app which can record all your important conversations on phone with someone

                                                                  HOW IT WORKS

Firstly, you need to download this app named automatic call recorder then when you open this app it will ask you for some setting & call recorder is enable by default if you don’t want to record the call now you may disable it by going to settings and also make it enable from there only when you need it. On the app display there will be showing 2 main options  i.e. Inbox and saved
In ‘inbox’ all the recording are available here as initially the recordings get saved in this folder but they are not permanently saved, if there is any important conversation you can save it by clicking and selecting the option save & it will be showing in ‘saved’ option because recording in inbox is limited up to 100 calls & when the new calls recorded the older one get deleted automatically from inbox. You can view your saved recordings in option ‘saved’

You can manage the app from settings

Recording may be prohibited in some countries or states
So, be careful and responsible for your work
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