Saturday, 27 August 2016

Hello readers, there is an app which can really improve your calculations or maths. This app name is mathsapp

                   HOW  IT  WORKS

Initially you need to download this app from Google play store then when you open it there will be 3 options-
Google login
Facebook login
Continue login

It you want to just try the app then you can continue as guest
After that home page of the app will get opens and there are many options will be shown to you –
  • Know by heart
  • Check you memory
  • Calculate magically
  • How quick are you
  • Challenge yourself
  • Your report card

Now I am going to explain these options –

  • KNOW BY HEART – From this option you can learn tables, square, cube root etc...


CHECK YOUR MEMORY – From this you can test your memory that how fast and long you can retain the things you have learn 

 CALCULATE MAGICALLY – In this you can learn how fast you can calculate something

 HOW QUICK ARE YOU – In this option there are many test you can & levels are also available. Its like a game and its fun to play it

CHALLENGE YOURSELF – It is also a sort of test but you can manage the lessons of test because you can choose the lessons and test your ability in particular calculation

YOUR REPORT CARD – To see your report card you have to sign in first and after sign in you can see your report card of any of the section

        Note: If you sign in from Google or Facebook it will ask you for permission and you have click allow to sign in

You can change your name shown at the top by tapping it or from settings which is given in the right top

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