Monday, 29 August 2016

                             PRISMA APP FOR ANDROID

Hello readers prisma in iphone is trending but android users are worried that how will they use prisma well there is no need to worry because now prisma app is available in android also and now android users can also convert their pictures into cartoonic picture

                                   HOW  IT  WORKS

Initially you need to download the app prisma from Google play store

when you open it the camera open on the first screen to take the pictures or you can select the picture from gallery by the option given in the right bottom you can convert the image in to many different themes which are available in this app You can decrease or increase the effect of that theme which you select for the image

After converting the pictures you can share or save them from the option give just above the themes of the right
You can manage from from settings  which is available in the middle right

This app needs internet connection & it is a bit slow as many users are using it
Alternatives for prisma in android are also available for users
I will come back with them soon till then.......

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